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Anna Maria Island, Florida

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Blog Post - April 20, 2019

Visiting Anna Maria Island was absolutely amazing. This is now one of my favorite beaches in Florida! When we drove along the island, we noticed that toward the North end of the island, you could park in the residential areas that had signs designating the parking areas. We parked our white Suburban right in front of this beautiful house!

Anna Maria Island Bean Point Parking

We crossed the street and walked down the path to Bean Point Beach.

We crossed the street and walked down the path to Bean Point Beach.

Bean Point Beach does not allow dogs and has a rip current warnings.

Warning Sign

This trail to the beach is so beautiful and really got us excited to see what was at the end!

Trail to Bean Point Beach

This is the view at the end of the path! The white sand and blue skies were breathtaking.

Bean Point Beach Entrance

As we entered the beach, there was a post marking which street we parked on.

Gladiolus Post Marker

As we looked back from the beach, you can see how far back the houses are set.

Bean Point Beach Houses

The white sand was so beautiful.

White sand at Bean Point Beach
Julie and Jordan at Bean Point Beach, Florida
Bean Point Beach White Sand

We loved walking on the sandbar!

Sandbar at Bean Point Beach

Tyson loved the shallow water. It was like his own private pool.

Tyson in shallow water

The north end of Bean Point Beach was so cool. As the island curves, you can see the water curve with it.

Curve of Anna Maria Island

Overall, we absolutely loved Bean Point Beach on Anna Maria Island. Next time, we are going to rent a house on the beach!


Bean Point Beach, Anna Maria Island, Florida:

(Click on the map above for a Google Maps larger view)


Bean Point Beach at Anna Maria Island was completely free.

We didn't even have to pay for parking as they had free parking along the streets.

Total Excursion Cost: $0


These are the things that I recommend you bring to Bean Point Beach at Anna Maria Island:


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