Travel Content To Help You Plan Your Next Trip!

Videos, Blog Posts, Maps, and Checklists for each Destination.

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Cut Your Travel Planning Time in Half!

We've already done the research and filmed each location for you.

We film each destination in geographical order so you can decide which places you want to include on your trip.

We have created a blog post with a video, text, pricing, and checklist for each destination to make sure you're prepared.

Meet Jordan and Julie:

We are Travel Content Creators who love to explore amazing destinations and share those adventures with YOU, so you plan and book your own exciting trips.

We create travel content for tourism boards, hotels, resorts, excursion operators, travel agencies, and for you. You can see more in our Portfolio.

Dare to live the life you've always wanted. Get started by planning your next bucket list trip.

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Jordan and Julie

Start exploring some of the destinations we've filmed:

You'll notice that we love to go to tropical destinations. See our favorite islands below. Watch how to explore these islands for the best beaches and snorkeling.

The Big Island of Hawaii

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The Exumas in the Bahamas

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St. Croix

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Your Travel Gear/Tools Resource List:

We get a lot of questions about the gear and tools that we use to run Jordan Outside. Hopefully our resource list can help you too.

Full Resource List

Full Resource List

This list includes the tools we use for our Website, Music, Software, Gear, and Graphic Design.

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How to start a travel blog tutorial

Free Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to start your own travel blog? I cover from set up to monetization of your blog.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What's the difference between a Travel Content Creator and a Travel Influencer?

Although both travel content creators and travel influencers both work in the travel industry, they have different roles.

The Travel Content Creator is focused on creating content that a travel brand can use for their own content. This could be video footage or images for their website, social media, brochures, etc...

The Travel Influencer is focused on promoting the travel brand to their audience to drive traffic and sales for the travel brand.

Many times, the two go hand in hand, but they also can be done separately.

Usually travel content creators start with a small following, but as their following grows, they start to include travel influencing as part of their services for travel brands.

I am typically doing a little bit of both.

Jordan is a Travel Content Creator