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Jordan Outside is your guide to help you create a travel lifestyle.

My name is Jordan and my mission is to help you create a lifestyle business that will allow you to travel and explore on your own terms.

We'll do this together one step at a time.

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It Doesn't Have to be Complicated:

Building Your Travel Lifestyle Business becomes easy when you have the right tools under one platform!

Gone are the days of trying to patch all of these systems together. 

I switched from Wordpress to Kajabi because it has all the tools I need under the same platform.

I'm able to host my Website, build my online courses, and accept payment all using Kajabi.

No plugins or updates needed!

I also got rid of my Vimeo account because Kajabi gives me unlimited video hosting!

Overall, I'm saving money each month by switching to Kajabi.

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Note: Using the link above lets Kajabi know that I referred you. It doesn't cost you anything extra, but if you end up paying for your own subscription after your free trial, I will make a small commission which helps me cover the cost of this Website.


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