Learn How to Pay for Your Travels by Creating and Selling Online Courses 

Four Easy Steps to create a lifestyle business that can create the time freedom and money to travel:

Knowledge to Solve a Problem

What skills or knowledge do you have that can solve a problem?

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Create a course to solve your customers problems

Create a course that shows how to solve that problem in easy steps.

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Create a win-win by selling your course to the person with the problem

Launch and sell your course on an all-in-one membership platform.

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Travel the World

Use the profit from your online course to travel to amazing destinations.

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Meet Your Online Course Teachers:

Jordan and Julie -

We are Jordan and Julie of Jordan Outside. We love to travel to amazing destinations and share those adventures with you, so you can get ideas for your own exciting trips.

Traveling costs money and we've had a lot of people ask us how we can afford to travel so much. We've dedicated this Website to explaining how we do it and helping you create a similar lifestyle that will allow you to travel and explore more often on your own terms. Simply put, we teach you how to build a Website that sells a course, that solves a problem for your audience. This is how you can create a business that affords the lifestyle you want.

Get started on your future today!


Step 1: Your course will solve a problem

Solve a problem with your course

Creating an Online Course that someone wants to buy is all about solving a problem for them.

Anytime you want to get good at something, there's a journey of bumps and bruises to get there.

Your job as a course creator is to show your students how to solve their problem so they can get good at it too.

For Step 1 you want to create a list of all the things you're good at and the problems you had to overcome to get good at them.

In this free course, you'll get a brainstorming worksheet to help you map it all out.


Step 2: Your Online Course is Easy to Follow

Break through the maze of confusion with your course

Your course needs to break through the confusing maze of frustration by providing easy-to-follow video tutorials to solve your customer's problem.

A great online course is all about transformation.

Transformation happens when your student can follow the steps and get the desired result.

That's why it's so important to make sure you break your course down into bite-size lessons so your students don't give up.

In this free course, you'll learn how we break down our own courses so you can follow along as you build your own online course.


Step 3: Launching and selling your course on the best membership platform

Launch your course with the best platform

The technology behind your course should be easy-to-use and make it fun to launch and sell!

We've tried lots of different platforms and the platform we use for our Website and courses is the Kajabi Platform.

As part of your free course, we've secured a Free 30-Day Trial so you can test it out and see if it's the right platform for you too. This is double the amount of time from the normal 14-day free trial.

The most important thing is that you have an all-in-one platform that allows you to accept payments and deliver your course in an easy format.

In this free course, you'll learn how to build your course and Website using the Kajabi Platform. Get started with this free course today. 

You can also check out my 2021 Kajabi Review to see why I chose this platform to build on.

Note: Using the Kajabi link above lets them know that we referred you. It doesn't cost you anything extra, but if you end up paying for your own subscription after the free trial, we will make a commission which helps us cover the cost of this free course. Thank you in advance!


Step 4: Use the profits from your course to travel to amazing destinations!

Travel to amazing destinations

As your course becomes profitable, you'll start to build a lifestyle that allows you to travel on your own terms.

This can happen quickly or it could take a long time, but ultimately you're creating a course to help others and the profits are a by-product of doing a good job at helping others.

Once you're making enough money from your course, it will begin to free up your time and allow you more freedom to travel when you want to.

Julie and I love taking trips that are paid for from the profits of our lifestyle business. We know you'll love it too!

Get started on your own lifestyle business today!


See what kind of online courses people are creating using the Kajabi Platform:

Grid & Glam teaches women how to organize their homes!

Corinne wanted to help women create more order in their lives so they have the time and energy to do what they love! She created her courses and Website using the Kajabi Platform.

Obedience Road teaches you what you need to succeed at competitive obedience with your dog!

Connie wanted to help dog owners learn how to train their dogs without having to leave their home. She created her courses and Website using the Kajabi Platform.

The School of Indian Wisdom teaches you ancient Indian teachings that you can use today!

Dr. Raj Balkaran provides a powerful synergy of captivating storytelling, accessible scholarship, expert life coaching and profound spiritual teachings found in ancient Sanskrit texts to help you advance in your personal journey. He created his courses and Website using the Kajabi Platform.


This is why we love this lifestyle business!

Some of the destinations we've visited:
Arizona, USA
St. Croix, USVI
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Arizona, USA
Hawaii, USA
Explore >>
Florida, USA
Florida, USA
Explore >>
Explore >>
Utah, USA
Utah, USA
Explore >>
Damajagua Waterfalls in the Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
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Your Health is a Gift...

When we are healthy, we tend to feel like we will always be healthy.

This can lead to a false sense of security in having plenty of time to get out and check off our bucket list experiences. 

As we age, our capacity to travel and do these activities diminishes. 

Instead of delaying these experiences, we recommend creating your lifestyle around them now, so you can start enjoying your bucket list sooner than later!

We waited till our 40s to start traveling and creating our lifestyle business. From our own experiences, it's never too late to start.

Jordan in a wooden shoe in St. Maarten

Your Money and Happiness...

Jordan and Tyson on Florida Trip

Most of us work hard just to survive!

But what happens after you've earned enough money to survive?

How do you use that extra money?

This is where we typically pursue ways to make our lives better and happier!

Maybe a new car, new house, and the list goes on and on. 

We've found that our best money spent is on experiences. We took a vacation as a family to Florida. Our kids still talk about that trip and how much they loved it.

Those memories keep paying happiness dividends and will continue to do so for years to come!

There is no guarantee to happiness, but we've personally found that shifting our money to buying experiences instead of things brings us more happiness.

Invest the time now in your lifestyle business so you can have more happiness dividends as you travel with your loved ones. 


Your Time Freedom...

Working hard in a career usually leads to more money, but with that money comes a big time responsibility for that job. This limits your time freedom to go on a vacation whenever you want.

This is what led us to starting a lifestyle business that leverages time for money instead of trading time for money. 

Leveraging time for money can create the time freedom to get out and enjoy amazing experiences with our loved ones.

Get started on your own lifestyle business that uses leverage so you can have the time freedom to travel when you want.

Jordan and Family at Lower Antelope Canyon

Now's the time to start!

Learn how to build your own travel lifestyle business by signing up for the free course.