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Learn how to build your own online courses using Kajabi

Review Year: 2021

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This Kajabi 2021 review is for you if you want to...

1. Create your first digital course

2. Move your existing course to a better all-in-one platform

3. Create a monthly recurring membership site

4. Deliver your coaching business through an all-in-one platform that has all the tools you need to coach your clients.

My Kajabi Review Broken Down by Features:

Website Builder


Course Builder


Your Customers



Emails, Funnels, & Automations



Courses, Memberships, Coaching


Website Builder

Kajabi has a powerful website builder that fully integrates with your courses, marketing, and payments.

In November of 2020, Kajabi released a brand new Website builder that is lightweight and loads much faster!

Kajabi's new Website builder allows you to control your entire business from one central hub. No more annoying integrations or plugins. Everything has been made to work together in one platform.

Kajabi lets you use your own custom domain so your branding stays consistent too.

Design your own Website using Kajabi's easy-to-use building blocks.

Kajabi provides you with free Website themes and templates that let you build a professional looking Website.

These building blocks let you customize your Website theme to get the look and feel just right.

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Course Builder

Kajabi helps you take what you know and turn it into a paid course with their course builder.

Kajabi refers to courses as digital products. These digital products could be online courses, subscriptions, gated content, coaching or a membership Website.

I love using the course builder because it allows me to create the structure of my course in minutes. I can choose from blank, mini course, online course, drip course, membership, coaching program, or community.

An example of a course that I build using the Kajabi Course Builder:

When you build your course on the Kajabi platform, you get a dashboard to welcome your students and tracking so your students/members will know where they left off in the course.

The course builder is easy to set up and no coding necessary.

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Your Customers

The Kajabi platform allows you to create a customer experience through their CRM that is crucial to a successful business.

I love how the Kajabi CRM allows me to track my customers and members. I can track them from the moment they opt-in, see the products they've purchased from me, and  see how they are progressing in their courses. If you see that your customers aren't making progress in their courses or coaching, you can reach out and see what's going on. This is also a great way to use customer feedback to improve your courses.

Kajabi allows you to segment your customers so you can create the right message for the right customer. You can track their lifecycle, their info, their purchases, their products, and you can add notes for each customer.

An example of the customer information you'll have access to in your Kajabi account.

When you go to your list of customers and leads, you have the option to look at the Lifecycle, Info, Purchases, Products, and Notes. This allows you to get a snapshot on each customer and lead.

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Kajabi comes with pre-made marketing funnels called Pipelines that helps you get your marketing set up in minutes.

The Kajabi Pipelines are proven marketing blueprints that remove the guesswork of setting up a funnel. It only takes a few minutes to customize your pre-built framework to start generating leads,  launching your product, or creating a webinar funnel. The best part is that it all works seamlessly with your Website and courses, so there's no tech headache with your marketing funnels!

Kajabi includes marketing automations that allow you to set up marketing actions  or triggers once and have it run over and over without you having to do that busy work again.

Your Kajabi account also has email marketing so you don't need to integrate with a 3rd party email marketing provider.

Your Kajabi account also comes with Analytics so you can see what's happening on all aspects of your business. Here's an example of the page views analytics on my account.

Instead of spending money and time trying to patch together lots of 3rd party marketing tools, your Kajabi account comes with all of the marketing tools you need at a fraction of the cost!

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Kajabi comes with the ability to accept payments directly through their platform with either a Stripe Account or a Paypal account.

Getting paid seems like common sense, but all of the Wordpress Websites I've built did not have a payment system that came with it. I always had to integrate with a 3rd party and hope it always worked.

Get paid for your courses, your memberships, or coaching programs and Kajabi does not take a percentage. The only fees you'll pay are whatever stripe or Paypal charge.

This seems like a recurring theme, but having everything in one platform really does make life so much easier. You can actually focus on your business instead of the technology.

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Note: I am a partner with Kajabi and will make a commission if you decide to become a customer after the FREE Trial. This doesn't cost you anything extra and actually gives you a free trial. I personally use Kajabi and highly recommend it. Kajabi did NOT pay me for this review and demo of their platform.