My Kajabi Review for 2024

A complete guide to understanding the pros and cons of Kajabi.


What to Expect from this Kajabi Review:

My name is Jordan and welcome to this review of the Kajabi platform.

You're here because you want to hear from someone who actually uses Kajabi day in and day out for their business.

My entire Website,, is built on Kajabi and I'm going to show you the pros and cons of using this platform to build your Website, create online courses, create marketing campaigns, and much more. I'm also going to break down the Kajabi pricing to show you why I believe it's a great price for the value you're getting.

Overall, I'm going to give you an honest and in-depth review of how I use Kajabi, so you can see if it might be a good fit for you and your business. Let's get started by checking out the Table of Contents below to see which question you want answered.


This is my 16-Point Review on Kajabi:

1. What is Kajabi?


2. How much does Kajabi cost and is it worth it?


3. The Kajabi Website Builder: How you can build your entire Website on Kajabi without any coding.


4. Kajabi Video Hosting: Fast and Unlimited Video Hosting up to 4 GB per video.


5. The Kajabi Course Builder: See how easy it is to build a course on Kajabi.


6. Build your own Coaching Program on Kajabi: See how easy it is to build a coaching program on Kajabi.


7. Create and Host your own Podcast on Kajabi


8. The Kajabi CRM: Get to know your customers and track their progress.


9. Kajabi's Built-in Marketing Tools: Emails, Funnels, Automations, Analytics and more.


10. Kajabi's eCommerce: Accept payment on your website.


11. Build and Manage Your Own Private Community: Check out this new and improved community platform.


12. The Kajabi Partner Program: Learn how this can be another revenue source for your business.


13. The Kajabi Pros and Cons: No platform is perfect. See our pros and cons list.


14. Kajabi Website Examples: See other businesses that have built on the Kajabi Platform.


15. Alternatives to the Kajabi Platform


16. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Kajabi


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What is Kajabi?


Kajabi is the best all-in-one platform that helps you convert your knowledge and expertise into a successful Online business.

Because Kajabi includes everything in the same platform, it makes it easy to build, market and sell your online courses, membership sites, coaching programs, host your own public or private podcast, send out email newsletters and autoresponders, and much more.

Best of all, you won't need to worry about complicated tech hassles like coding, plugins, or broken integrations. If you've used Wordpress, you know what I'm talking about. Everything in Kajabi is made to work together and is easy to use.

In addition to hosting your knowledge products, you get an elegant website builder, a secure payment gateway, email marketing software, sales funnel software, professionally designed website and email marketing templates, powerful analytics and automations that streamline your workflow.

The concept is simple. Use the tools provided by Kajabi to turn your knowledge into a digital product, offer it to your audience, and earn revenue.

Another thing I love about Kajabi is the awesome support and a community. 

Kajabi gives you 24/7 customer support, training resources through Kajabi University, and an active community of entrepreneurs to connect with.

Kajabi has been around since 2010. Since then, they've helped tens of thousands of their customers (Kajabi Heroes) build sustainable businesses selling what they know.

They've also helped hundreds of knowledge entrepreneurs grow 7 figure businesses and many more grow 5 and 6 figure businesses.

According to Kajabi, to date, Kajabi Heroes have earned over 3.9 billion dollars in revenue through their platform.

Kajabi gives people the tools they need to successfully launch their own business, earn additional income, and obtain the lifestyle they've always wanted.

Knowledge has value and with Kajabi you can turn that knowledge into income.

You're probably reading this review because you are interested in getting started with Kajabi. That's why I'm providing an extended free trial through the link below. This link lets Kajabi know that I referred you. If you end up paying for Kajabi after your free trial, I will make a small commission for referring you. I just want to say thanks in advance.

Free 30-Day Trial of Kajabi
Table of Contents >>

How Much Does Kajabi Cost And Is It Worth It?

Detailed Kajabi Pricing Review:

Kajabi has 4 types of plans to choose from:

  • The Kickstarter:¬†(14-Day Free Trial)¬†This is the most affordable plan at $69¬†per month and gives you just enough to kickstart your digital business.
  • The Basic Plan:¬†(14-Day Free Trial)¬†This plan costs $149¬†per month and is for beginners who want to have more than 50 landing pages, send unlimited marketing emails, and want to sell up to 3 products. This is a great plan to upgrade to after you have everything set up in your Kickstarter plan. This is the plan that I'm currently using.
  • The Growth Plan:¬†(30-Day Free Trial) This plan cost $199¬†per month and is for¬†you if you already have a business¬†and are looking to scale.¬†You would already have a few online courses built and a decent sized email list. It's also for you if you want to run your own affiliate program to promote your courses, since that feature is not available on the Basic plan.
  • The Pro Plan:¬†(14-Day Free Trial) This plan costs $399¬†per month and is perfect for you if you already have a successful 6-figure business and are looking to simplify your business tools and scale to the next level.

The great part about all three of these plans is that you can upgrade or downgrade plans (you can only downgrade to the Basic Plan) at anytime to fit your business needs. I tried out the Growth Plan for a while, but it was more than I needed for my business so I downgraded back to the Basic Plan and I've been happy with that. If my business grows to the point that I need more features, I can always upgrade again to the Growth Plan. I love how simple and flexible the Kajabi plans are!

Free 14-Day Trial - Kickstarter
Free 30-Day Trial - Growth

Is Kajabi worth the cost?

This is somewhat of a trick question because the cost of something is just a number. A number has no real meaning until we have assigned a perceived value to it. The better question would be "What is the value of Kajabi?"

  1. Will Kajabi save you time? Time is the only resource you can't replace. Kajabi will save you time because all of the tools are in one place and all work together. No more wasting time logging into different platforms, configuring APIs so each software can send data to each other, and fixing broken plugins when a new version of Wordpress comes out. Not only am I saving time with Kajabi, but the peace of mind that it gives me that my tech stack will work day in and day out is priceless.
  2. Does it simplify your business? The easier your business is to run, the more likely you are to succeed. This is definitely the case with Kajabi. Learning how to navigate a platform takes some time, but with Kajabi I only have to learn one platform. Before Kajabi I was using Wordpress for my Website, WP Engine for my hosting, Vimeo for my videos, Member Mouse for my membership site plugin, Aweber for email marketing, Zapier for API integrations, Click Funnels for my marketing funnels, and the list goes on and on with the different plugins I was using. That's at least 7 different software platforms that I had to learn and try to get to work together. Now my business is simple with just one platform, Kajabi!
  3. Will it scale with your business? You need a platform that can grow with you so you don't have to start all over as you reach new levels of success. This is another part that I love about Kajabi. When I started on the Kajabi platform they didn't have 1-on-1 coaching or podcasts, but now they have rolled out those features and the price stayed the same. Kajabi is constantly improving their platform, but keeping their pricing at the same price. They also improved their Website builder and made it lighter so my Website runs faster. Again, no price increase, but an improved platform. I know that as I grow my business, Kajabi will be able to scale with my business. The best part is that they are always improving the platform and adding new features. This is what you want from your technology platform.

Next, let's compare pricing. The price tag of $149 per month might seem high until you see how much it would cost to get everything Kajabi offers as separate tools. Once you see this price breakdown, you'll see that the $149 per month is a great deal! The monthly prices below are average prices for similar competing software services.

  1. Website Builder and Hosting: $30/month | Included with Kajabi
  2. Unlimited Video Hosting: $99/month | Included with Kajabi
  3. Course Hosting Platform: $39/month | Included with Kajabi
  4. Landing Page Builder: $79/month | Included with Kajabi
  5. Email Marketing Software: $20/month | Included with Kajabi
  6. Marketing Funnel Builder: $97/month | Included with Kajabi
  7. Webinar Hosting Software: $20/month | Included with Kajabi
  8. API Automation (Zapier): $25/month | Included with Kajabi
  9. eCommerce: $49/month | Included with Kajabi
  10. CRM Platform: $79/month | Included with Kajabi
  11. Private Community Software: $28/month | Included with Kajabi
  12. Mobile App: $33/month | Included with Kajabi
  13. Podcast Hosting: $12/month | Included with Kajabi

Total Monthly Price Paid Separately: $610/month

Total Monthly Price With Kajabi: $149/month

That's a savings of $461/month by going with Kajabi!

So going back to the original question: "Is Kajabi Worth the Price?", I would have to say YES, it's definitely worth the price. Not only is it worth the price, but when you see how easy it is to use and how everything just flows together, the value is even higher. If you're ready to test out Kajabi, you'll want to try out the extended trial for 30-days. The link below lets Kajabi know that I referred you. It doesn't cost you anything extra and if you end up paying for a subscription after your free trial, Kajabi will send me a small commission. Every little bit helps, so if you decide to try out the free trial, I want to thank you in advance. I only recommend products that I personally use and love. I hope you love it too!

Free 30-Day Trial - Kickstarter
Free 30-Day Trial - Growth
Table of Contents >>

The Kajabi Website Builder


Kajabi has fast Website hosting and a powerful website builder that fully integrates with your courses, marketing, and payments.

In November of 2020, Kajabi released a brand new Website builder that is lightweight and loads much faster!

Kajabi's new Website builder allows you to control your entire business from one central hub. No more annoying integrations or plugins. Everything has been made to work together in one platform.

Kajabi lets you use your own custom domain so your branding stays consistent too.

Design your own Website using Kajabi's easy-to-use building blocks.

Kajabi provides you with free Website themes and templates that let you build a professional looking Website.

These building blocks let you customize your Website theme to get the look and feel just right.

Free 30-Day Trial of Kajabi
Table of Contents >>

Kajabi Video Hosting


Kajabi has fast and unlimited video hosting up to 4 GB per video.

Fast and reliable video hosting is a huge deal for me because I'm recording travel videos all over the world.

I need to know that my video hosting is going to be reliable and be able to play fast on any device. I typically shoot in 5k and 4k and I need a player that will be able to handle that type of footage with no problems.

I do use YouTube as a channel for my videos, but I don't use it for my Website videos. At the end of each YouTube video it shows a bunch of thumbnails of other videos to watch. I get that the whole point of YouTube is to keep you on their platform watching more videos, but I don't want the videos on my website taking my visitors to watch other videos. The whole point of having your own Website is to be able to control the experience of your visitors.

Another reason I don't use YouTube videos as my primary source on my Website is that I don't own YouTube. What if YouTube decided to ban my account. I don't plan on that happening, but if it did, all of my videos on my Website would be gone and unavailable. Again, I want to control the experience on my Website.

Thanks to Kajabi, I don't have to sacrifice my video experience. Kajabi comes with Wistia video hosting to host all the videos on your Website. Wistia is a top of the line video hosting service.

If I were to get a Wistia account on my own, I would need a Pro account, which is billed at $99 per month.

At the time of this recording, Wistia offers a Pro account with 10 free videos and then $0.25 per additional video.

I currently have 239 videos on my Website.

So if I took my 239 videos and subtracted the 10 free videos, that would be 229 videos.

Then I would take the $229 videos and multiply it by $0.25, which is $57.25.

$57.25 plus the $99 per month is $156.25 per month. That's how much I would be paying for Wistia if I just paid for it by itself.

My Kajabi subscription is $149 per month and includes a lot more than just video hosting. So I'm saving money by using Kajabi as my solution for my video hosting.

I continue to add videos each month, so these savings will continue to increase over time.

If you're ready to give Kajabi a try, you can test it out on an extended 30-day free trial below. The link below lets Kajabi know that I referred you. It doesn't cost you anything extra, but if you end up paying for Kajabi after your free trial, Kajabi will send me a commission for the referral. If this applies to you, I want to thank you in advance for this win-win. You get an extended free trial and if you like it, I get a commission and it doesn't cost you anything extra.

Free 30-Day Trial of Kajabi
Table of Contents >>

The Kajabi Course Builder

Kajabi helps you take what you know and turn it into a paid course with their course builder.

Kajabi's course builder is found in the Products section when you login.

The course builder includes the following:

  • Video Content
  • Audio Content
  • Text Lessons
  • Quizzes and Surveys
  • Membership Area
  • Exclusive Downloads

Kajabi includes an AI Content assistant that can help you create your course content.

This AI Content Assistant can help you create:

  • Course Outline
  • Lesson Content
  • Landing Page Content
  • Sales Video Script
  • Social Media Content

Watch this tutorial video below to see what it looks like to create a course using Kajabi.

Video Poster Image

Here's an example of a course that I built using the Kajabi Course Builder:

You can sign up for this course for free by going to

When you build your course on the Kajabi platform, you get a dashboard to welcome your students and tracking so your students/members will know where they left off in the course.

The course builder is easy to set up and no coding necessary.

Free 30-Day Trial of Kajabi
Table of Contents >>

Build a Coaching Program

Video Poster Image

Setting up a coaching program is really simple with Kajabi.

Are you a coach? Do you want to have one-on-one coaching programs or one-to-many coaching programs? Both are possible with Kajabi.

You can create a coaching program in Kajabi to share your knowledge to help others achieve their goals.

You can book one-on-one or group sessions with clients and track their progress.

The Coaching Program builder in Kajabi includes:

  • Live Video Conferencing
  • Calendar Integrations
  • Video Content/Hosting
  • Audio Content/Hosting
  • Shared Notes
  • Exclusive Downloads
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Group Coaching

This is what the start screen looks like in your Kajabi account.

You can sign up for a free trial to play around with this.

Free 30-Day Trial of Kajabi
Table of Contents >>

Create a Podcast

Video Poster Image

Setting up a public or private podcast with Kajabi is really simple!

A podcast is a great opportunity to market your business, grow an audience, and earn revenue.  Podcasting has gone up in popularity, moving from just 8% of the US population listening to podcasts in 2008, to 37% in 2020. That's why every Kajabi membership comes with the ability to host and syndicate a podcast, all from within the Kajabi dashboard!

When you set up your podcast on Kajabi you can create and publish podcast episodes, distribute to all major listening apps, and monetize your podcast all from within Kajabi.

You get the following with your Kajabi Podcast:

  • Import your existing Podcast
  • Audio content/hosting
  • Podcast Distribution
  • Podcast Homepage
  • Analytics
  • Paid Podcast Feeds

This is what the start screen looks like in your Kajabi account.

You can sign up for a free trial to play around with this.

Free 30-Day Trial of Kajabi
Table of Contents >>

The Kajabi CRM

The Kajabi platform allows you to create a customer experience through their CRM that is crucial to a successful business.

I love how the Kajabi CRM allows me to track my customers and members. I can track them from the moment they opt-in, see the products they've purchased from me, and  see how they are progressing in their courses. If you see that your customers aren't making progress in their courses or coaching, you can reach out and see what's going on. This is also a great way to use customer feedback to improve your courses.

Kajabi allows you to segment your customers so you can create the right message for the right customer. You can track their lifecycle, their info, their purchases, their products, and you can add notes for each customer.

An example of the customer information you'll have access to in your Kajabi account.

When you go to your list of customers and leads, you have the option to look at the Lifecycle, Info, Purchases, Products, and Notes. This allows you to get a snapshot on each customer and lead.

Free 30-Day Trial of Kajabi
Table of Contents >>

Kajabi's Built-in Marketing Tools

Kajabi 30-Day Free Trial

Kajabi comes with pre-made marketing funnels that helps you get your marketing set up quickly.

Kajabi's pre-made funnels make it so easy to get started with your marketing. You can start from a blank slate or choose one of the pre-made funnels to help you out. They have a Freebie funnel, a Sales Page funnel, a Product Launch Funnel, a Zoom Webinar Funnel, a Free Book Funnel, a Coaching Campaign Funnel, and a Simple Sales Page Funnel.  So there's no tech headache with your marketing funnels when you're using Kajabi!

Kajabi includes marketing automations that allow you to set up marketing actions  or triggers once and have it run over and over without you having to do that busy work again.

Kajabi's Email Marketing Platform is a great way to stay in touch with your prospects and customers.

When you use Kajabi, you don't have to try and integrate an email marketing platform because it's already built-in. 

You can send one email to your audience with an Email Broadcast or you can trigger an Email Sequence that will send multiple emails over time. 

Email sequences are great for nurturing your prospects or creating an onboarding sequence to make sure your new members/customers get everything they need.


You can now use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to quickly and easily repurpose your content into new content with the Kajabi Creator Studio.

The Creator Studio leverages AI to create content for every channel including social media clips, blog posts, emails, and landing page copy.

With just a few clicks, you can have enough content to market your course, podcast, community, or coaching services for weeks.

This is a game changer when it comes to leveling up your marketing efforts.

Note: The Creator Studio is currently in Beta.

Kajabi 30-Day Free Trial >>

Your Kajabi account also comes with Analytics so you can see the metrics for your marketing.

Your Kajabi Analytics dashboard has the analytics that track your website visits, your Net Revenue, your Subscription Metrics, your email Opt-ins, your Page Views, and your Offers Sold.

Knowing your conversion rates will help you understand your customers and prospects to evaluate the health of your business.

Instead of spending money and time trying to patch together lots of 3rd party marketing tools, your Kajabi account comes with all of the marketing tools you need at a fraction of the cost!

Free 30-Day Trial of Kajabi
Table of Contents >>

Accept Payments


Kajabi comes with the ability to accept payments directly on your website using a regular credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Paypal.

Getting paid seems like common sense, but all of the Wordpress Websites I've built did not have a payment system that came with it. I always had to integrate with a 3rd party and hope it always worked.

Get paid for your courses, your memberships, or coaching programs and Kajabi does not take a percentage. The only fees you'll pay are whatever your credit card merchant charges.

With Kajabi Payments you will be able to accept customer payments, oversee purchases, manage refunds, and initiate payouts all from your Kajabi dashboard.

This seems like a recurring theme, but having everything in one platform really does make life so much easier. You can actually focus on your business instead of the technology.

Free 30-Day Trial of Kajabi
Table of Contents >>

Build and Manage Your Own Private Online Community


Setting up your own private community with both free and paid access is easy with Kajabi.

With Kajabi you can run your community on your own terms. Beyond just posting messages, you can now host challenges, live videos, and track progress with leaderboards.

The community platform within Kajabi has the following features:

  • Live Video Calls
  • Meetups
  • Mobile App
  • Newsfeed, Chats, and DMs
  • Smart Recording Library
  • Events and RSVPs
  • Member Directory and Leaderboard
  • Challenges and Progress Tracking
  • Custom Landing Page Embedding

Now you don't have to rely on Facebook groups or using a different software to get what you want. This lets you create your own free or paid community right within your Kajabi Website.

Free 30-Day Trial of Kajabi
Table of Contents >>

The Kajabi Partner Program


The Kajabi Partner Program has allowed me to have my Website pay for itself.

As a Kajabi Partner, you get your own Partner Referral Link.

As a Kajabi Partner, you will receive a 30% lifetime commission for any new referral that stays active past their trial period.

So if you take the subscription cost of $149 x 30% = $44.70

If you had 4 active referrals that would be $44.70 x 4 = $178.80

So 4 referrals will cover the cost of your Kajabi subscription at $149 per month.

Kajabi pays these commissions through Paypal. So I get my Partner commission into my Paypal account once a month. I also have a Paypal card. I use that card to pay my Kajabi subscription. So my commission comes in and my payment goes out on autopilot each month.

This brings peace of mind that my Website fees are covered each month. I never had this with Wordpress. It allows me to create without pressure. I personally love this.

So how do you get these partner link signups?

I personally post a Kajabi review video on YouTube once a year. I also have my partner link on the bottom of each page on my Website. These two ways of advertising Kajabi has allowed me to have enough each month to pay for my Kajabi subscription.

In order to be a partner, you have to have an active subscription with Kajabi. You can try out an extended trial of Kajabi by clicking the link below. This is my Kajabi Partner link. It doesn't cost you anything extra to use this link, but if you like Kajabi after your trial and become a paying subscriber, Kajabi will send me a commission check and it won't cost you anything extra. Then you will also be able to use the Kajabi Partner program to promote your own link and earn commissions. Good luck!

Free 30-Day Trial of Kajabi
Table of Contents >>

Kajabi Pros vs. Cons

Kajabi is a great platform, but it does have both Pros and Cons.

This is a list of the Kajabi Pros:

  • All-In-One Platform: This simplifies everything as it all works together and you don't have to worry about integrations breaking.
  • Fast Website Hosting and a great Website Builder: A fast Website leads to a better user experience. This is the case with Kajabi Websites, which are also easy to build using their intuitive Website Builder.
  • Fast and unlimited video hosting up to 4 GB per video: Video is so powerful and having it built-in makes using video so easy.
  • An easy-to-use Course Builder: Once you've used a bad course builder, you will really appreciate how easy the Kajabi Course Builder is to use. I love it!
  • An easy-to-use Coaching Program Builder: One of the fastest ways to making money is by teaching and mentoring. Kajabi makes it so easy to get a coaching program up and running fast.
  • An easy-to-use Podcast Hosting Platform: Podcasts are becoming more and more popular and to be able to build out your own podcast fully integrated with the rest of your business really makes Kajabi shine!
  • A reliable e-commerce platform that doesn't take a cut of your courses: Kajabi lets you keep 100% of the profits unlike many of its competitors.
  • An amazing Partner Program that rewards you with lifetime commissions: The Partner Program has allowed me to create a recurring income stream that I use to pay for my Kajabi subscription.

This is a list of the Kajabi Cons:

  • No built-in Lead Routing: If you have a sales team, you will want the ability to use lead routers. Kajabi does not have a lead router. If I need this, I typically go with Ontraport because it has lead routing built-in.
  • No built-in Dialer System: Again, if you have a sales team you want the ability to have a built-in dialer to record your calls and contact your leads quickly.
  • No built-in SMS messaging for marketing: SMS or text messaging is a powerful tool to follow up with your prospects and customers. If I need this, I typically go with Ontraport because it has SMS messaging built-in.
  • No inventory tracking for physical products: If you're starting a business with physical products I always recommend using Shopify as it is the best for inventory tracking for physical products.
Free 30-Day Trial of Kajabi
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Kajabi Website Examples

Check out these companies that have built their Websites and businesses on the Kajabi Platform:

Category: Travel, Education

Category: Home Organization

Category: Voice & Presence Coaching

Category: Digital CEO Training

Category: Educational Workbooks

Category: Coaching Cubicle to CEO

Category: Lifestyle Design Business

Category: Online Drum Lessons

Free 30-Day Trial of Kajabi
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Kajabi Alternatives

I personally love Kajabi, but if it doesn't seem like the right fit for you, here is a list of competitors that you can check out.

I have personally used Ontraport, Kartra, Keap, Teachable and Shopify. Each one of these platforms has great things about them. I've looked into the other platforms, but haven't tried them yet. There are some affiliate links below that let each company know that I referred you. It doesn't cost you anything extra, but if you end up signing up for their subscription, I will earn a commission for referring you. This is a win-win as you don't have to pay anything extra and I can share valuable resources. Again, my 1st choice is Kajabi, but many of these are a close 2nd.

Category: Online Course Platform

Category: Online Course Platform

Category: Online Course Platform

Category: All-in-One Platform

Category: All-in-One Platform

Category: Online Course Platform

Category: Physical Products

Category: All-in-One Platform

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Kajabi FAQs

Free 30-Day Trial of Kajabi
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Affiliate Disclaimer: I am a partner with Kajabi and will make a commission if you decide to become a customer after the FREE Trial. This doesn't cost you anything extra and actually gives you a free trial. I personally use Kajabi and highly recommend it. Kajabi did NOT pay me for this review and demo of their platform.