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Bahamas: Clifton Heritage National Park

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Blog Post - February 9, 2020

We took a cruise to the Bahamas and docked at Nassau.

We took a taxi from the port to the other side of the island to Clifton Heritage National Park.

The Taxi ride cost us $100 roundtrip for two people.

The taxi ride took around 45 to 50 minutes.

Here's a video of us going from the port in Nassau all the way to Clifton Heritage National Park:


Snorkeling Beach was so beautiful. This is where we swam out to see Ocean Atlas.

Snorkeling Beach at Clifton Heritage National Park

As you walk out to the water, there is a Lucayan face sculpture in the sand.

Lucayan Face Sculpture

As we swam out, we could see the Ocean Atlas sculpture. Ocean Atlas is 60 tons and 18 feet tall.

Ocean Atlas in the Bahamas

The Virtuoso Man is directly behind Ocean Atlas. He is 8 feet tall.

Virtuoso Man Sculpture

We snorkeled around the coral reefs in the area. 

Coral Reef in the Bahamas
Coral Reef in the Bahamas

We walked up to Flipper Beach and saw this old broken pier. This beach is beautiful. 

Flipper Beach in the Bahamas
Flipper Beach in the Bahamas
Flipper Beach in the Bahamas
Flipper Beach in the Bahamas

We then walked the shoreline to Johnston Beach. We found this fun rope swing. The water is so blue!

Johnston Beach in the Bahamas
Johnston Beach in the Bahamas

Overall, our visit to Clifton Heritage National Park was amazing! We would highly recommend a visit there.

We also saw this hermit crab.



Clifton Heritage National Park, New Province, Bahamas:

(Click on the map above to go to a Google Maps larger view.)

This is a map of Clifton Heritage National Park.

(Jaws Beach is not part of the park and is a public beach)

Clifton Heritage National Park Map


We did not book an excursion for this trip. We took a taxi out to to Clifton Heritage National Park. Our taxi ride came to $100 for a round trip for 2 adults.

When we got there, they said they weren't doing snorkeling guides, but we brought our own snorkel gear so we were fine. We paid $11.20 per person, which came to $22.40 to get into the park.

Total Cost = $122.40


These are the things that I recommend you bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Cash to pay for your taxi. They don't take credit cards.
  • Food and water for the day. You can buy snacks and drinks at the visitors center, but we opted not to.
  • Bring your own snorkeling gear so you don't have to pay for a guide and gear.
  • Go Pro Hero 8 Black video camera
  • Go Pro 3-Way Grip to hold the camera out in front of you.

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