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Island Park, Idaho

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Blog Post - February 21 - 23, 2019

We travelled up to Island Park, Idaho with a big group of friends to go snowmobiling.

We rented our Cabin from Rainbow Rentals. They call the property “Lake Escape” as it is located on Henry Lake. The address is 3955 Bootjack Drive, Island Park, Idaho 83429.

They let us know in advance that we would need 4-wheel drive vehicles because the snow was so high this year. 

Lodging is a big part of a trip, so this time I filmed a quick tour of the cabin.


We rented this cabin because it was closer to Mt. Two Top where we wanted to go snowmobiling.

Below is a map of where our cabin was located in comparison to Mt. Two Top. 

Island Park Cabin Rental Map

We rented our snowmobiles this year from Island Park Cabins and Lodges. The Website has a tab for snowmobile rentals. This company drops off your snowmobiles at your cabin and then comes and picks them up when you are all done. We rented ours for 2 days. This was so convenient and we didn’t have to worry trying to transport everyone to the rental facility.

Day 1: Snowmobiling up to Mt. Two Top

So our first day of snowmobiling turned out to be clear skies. (This is the video at the top of the page) To summit Mt. Two Top you need good weather, so we decided we would tackle Two Top for our first day.

It took us a few hours of riding to summit and then we stopped at the top to eat lunch.

After lunch we played on our snowmobiles doing jumps and just exploring. Then we headed back to our cabin.

We only saw one bathroom while we were out, so we stopped so anyone who didn’t want to go in the wild could go there.

As we got close to our cabin on our way back, we stopped at a gas station to top off our snowmobiles for the next day of riding.

The gas station allows snowmobiles to ride right up directly to the gas pumps, so it’s pretty easy to get gas.

You just need to remember to bring cash or a credit card when you leave in the morning.

I made this mistake the year before, so this time I had my credit card in my backpack.

We left at about 10am and got back around 5:30pm. That’s about 7 hours of riding, but totally worth it!

Day 2: Snowmobiling the Lionhead Loop Trail


We woke up on Day 2 to a lot of snow and really windy conditions. Jeff wanted to explore the Lionhead Loop Trail because he had heard that there are some steep areas that are really fun for advanced snowmobilers. We all got ready and headed out. This trail was just as beautiful and had some really fun areas to ride. We even crossed one area where you could see the “Welcome to Montana” sign on one side and “Welcome to Idaho” sign on the other side.

It's so fun getting ready to ride and seeing our fleet of snowmobiles waiting for us!

Snowmobiles at Island Park

Riding the trails up to Mt. Two Top.

Island Park Trails

We stopped on our way up to Two Top to take in the beauty of Island Park.

Riding up Two Top Mountain

Be careful of friends that pull on tree branches when they are covered in snow!

Tree with snow
Snow falling from the tree
Snow falling from the tree
Snow falling from the tree

We got back on the trail and headed up to the summit of Mt. Two Top.

Snowmobiling up Mt Two Top

We finally made it to the top of Mt. Two Top!

Two Top Area Loop Trail
Julie at Mt. Two Top

I filmed Gary taking an awesome jump on his snowmobile.

Gary taking a jump on his snowmobile

We saw this sign about bears. Funny until you realize you’re in bear country. Hopefully they are hibernating!

Bear Sign

Overall, this trip was so fun and I would highly recommend snowmobiling in Island Park, Idaho.


Mt. Two Top, Idaho:

(Click on the map above to go to a Google Maps larger view.)


We split the cabin cost between 4 couples. Our cost was $339 for two adults that covered from Thursday evening to Sunday morning.

We rented two snowmobiles for 2 days each from Island Park Cabins and Lodges. The total including the collision waiver and 1 helmet rental was $913.72. The receipt is below.

Snowmobiling Rental Receipt

We carpooled up and we paid for a tank of gas going up and a tank of gas going back. The total we paid for gas was $81.32.

We filled up our snowmobile gas tanks each day and paid $29.52 total.

We all took turns cooking meals. We were in charge of breakfast one morning and a dinner one evening. We also brought our own snacks. We spent about $60 for food for the trip.

We stopped in Rexburg, Idaho on our way up to Island Park and ate at Da Pineapple Grill restaurant. The food was delicious and the total for Julie and I was $28.64 which included our tip.

We didn’t stop for food on our way home. We just ate snacks.

Total Cost for our Snowmobile Trip: $1,452.20


These are the things that I recommend you bring:


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