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Lake Powell: Lone Rock, Wahweap, Navajo Canyon

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Blog Post - September 11 - 15, 2019

During our trip to Page, Arizona we met up with our friends who were camping at Lone Rock Beach Campground. Lone Rock Campground is on the Utah side of Lake Powell. This blog post covers both the Utah and Arizona sides of Lake Powell.

You can park your RV or tent right along the beach.

Lone Rock Beach

The kids had fun burying each other in the sand! 

Buried in the sand

Here's a view of the campground area from the water.

Lone Rock Beach Campground

We decided to go boating and to explore Lake Powell. This is the view leaving Lone Rock.

Boat leaving Lone Rock Beach

The rock formations at Lake Powell are amazing!

Lake Powell
Lake Powell
Lake Powell - Gunsight Bay

You can see the houseboats parked at the base of this rock formation. This gives perspective to how large these rock formations are!

Lake Powell

We also did a lot of wakeboarding. It was so much fun!

Jordan Wakeboarding at Lake Powell
Julie Wakeboarding at Lake Powell
Julie and Jared at Lake Powell

We then headed off looking for a place to do some cliff jumping. Lake Powell is really deep, so we would use our boat depth finder to find a good spot.

Lake Powell Cliff Jumping
Lake Powell Cliff Jumping

One of our friends brought their dog who loved to swim in the water.

Dog swimming at Lake Powell

Then we headed over in our boats to explore Navajo Canyon. This part of Lake Powell has really high cliffs.

Navajo Canyon at Lake Powell
Navajo Canyon at Lake Powell
Navajo Canyon at Lake Powell

It was amazing to share this experience with family! Julie and Ember had a great time too.

Julie, Jordan, and Ember at Lake Powell
Navajo Canyon at Lake Powell
Navajo Canyon at Lake Powell

We left Navajo Canyon and headed back to the Wahweap Marina to hang out at a friend's houseboat.

Ember boating at Lake Powell
Wahweap Marina at Lake Powell

We then headed back to our house that we rented through VRBO in Page, Arizona. 7 15th Avenue, Page, Arizona 86040. It was so nice to be able to shower and have a nice comfortable bed to sleep in after a long day.


At night, we went out for dessert at the Big Dipper in Page, Arizona. We ordered the Navajo Mountain Ice Cream Sunday. Tyson wanted his own ice cream, but when he saw ours, his face was priceless!

Navajo Mountain Ice cream Sunday

We had such a good time at Lake Powell and would highly recommend it!


Lone Rock Beach Campground - Lake Powell:

(Click on the map above to go to a Google Maps larger view.)

7 15th Avenue, Page, Arizona 86040:

(Click on the map above for a Google Maps larger view)


We rented a house in Page, Arizona through VRBO for 4 nights, which came to $1,111.47. 

We also paid $30 for a 7-Day pass into Lake Powell. 

Total Cost = $1,141.47

See the receipts below:

VRBO Rental Receipt
Glen Canyon Pass Receipt


These are the things that I recommend you bring:


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