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Madeira Beach, Florida

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Blog Post - April 17, 2019

We arrived at Madeira Beach. We first stopped at Archibald Beach Park. We decided to take in the views before getting something to eat.

Archibald Beach Park

They had beach volleyball set up in the soft sand.

Beach Volleyball

As you get closer to the water, the sand is more firm as you can see how high the water comes up at high tide.

Madeira Beach

Madeira Beach has these Wave Breaker walls along the beach.

Wave Breakers

Archibald Beach Park has a place to eat called the Snack Shack, so we placed our orders at the walk up counter and found a covered hut to eat under.

Snack Shack
Sunset Vistas Parking Garage

We orders some amazing fish tacos and some delicious battered shrimp.

Fish Tacos
Battered Shrimp

After eating, we walked back out to the beach. You can see the eating area from the beach.

Snack Shack from the Beach
Family at the beach

That night we headed over to John's Pass at Madeira Beach which has a lot of restaurants and shopping.

John's Pass
The Pirate Ship
Eating at John's Pass

We even found some Sponge Bob graffiti!

Tyson at Sunset Beach

I'm not sure what inspired this gorilla art, but it caught my attention!


Overall, we had a great time at Madeira Beach, Florida. We can't wait to go back.


Archibald Beach Park, Madeira Beach, Florida:

(Click on the map above to go to a Google Maps larger view.)

John's Pass, Madeira Beach, Florida:

(Click on the map above to go to a Google Maps larger view.)


We at at the Snack Shack, which I thought was super expensive for a place with the word Shack in it. We also at at Pirate's Pub-N-Grub and paid for metered parking because all the free parking was taken.

Total Cost: $123.61

Here are the receipts for each:

My Snack Shack Receipt for a family of 6 = $74.54

Sunset Vistas Condo Pricing

Pirate's Pub-N-Grub for a family of 6 = $43.82

Pirates Pub Receipt

Madeira Beach Metered Parking for 1 car = $5.25

Madeira Beach Metered Parking


These are the things that I recommend you bring to Madeira Beach:


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