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Oneuli Black Sand Beach, Maui - Hawaii

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Blog Post - September 9, 2021

Oneuli Beach at Makena State Park is a beautiful black sand beach. 

To get there,  you will have to take an unpaved road. We took our rented Camaro and got there just fine, but it's definitely a bumpy ride.

As you're riding in, you'll see a Makena State Park sign that says that parking is $10 per vehicle and $5 per person, but when you get to the small unpaved parking lot, there are no meters to pay for parking. We already had our parking pass from going to Big Beach on the same day so we felt like we were fine, but I don't know how they could enforce it since there were no parking meters at the time we went.

This black sand beach has an open area to the north and is backed by a cliff to the south.

At the very end, there are a bunch of large volcanic rocks that the waves crash against.

This is what it looks like from Makena Road as you are turning onto the unpaved road:

Entrance to Oneuli Black Sand Beach from Makena Road

This is the view of the unpaved road to Oneuli Beach at Makena State Park.

Unpaved Road to Oneuli Black Sand Beach

As you drive in, there is a sign that says this beach has paid parking, but when you arrive at the parking lot there were no parking meters.

Parking Sign as you drive in
Oneuli Beach Parking Lot

Here are some views of this black sand beach:

North view of Oneuli Beach
South view of Oneuli Beach
End view of Oneuli Beach
Lava Rocks at Oneuli Beach
Oneuli Beach

We loved how secluded this beach was and would highly recommend going if you are visiting Maui!


Oneuli (Black Sand) Beach, Maui - Hawaii Map:

(Click on the map above to go to a Google Maps larger view.)


Parking Fees:

  • $10 per vehicle
  • $5 per person

Total cost: $0

(It would have cost us $20, but we already had our parking pass that we paid for at Big Beach and there are no meters to pay the $20 at this beach)



These are the checklist items I recommend:

  • Bring a plenty of water and some snacks
  • Bring a hat to keep the sun off of your face.
  • Bring sunscreen
  • Bring a beach towel and beach chair
  • Bring your snorkel gear and fins (if the water is calm)
  • This video was filmed with a Go Pro Hero 9 Black video camera

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