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Southernmost Point Buoy Monument in Key West, Florida

Southernmost Point Buoy Monument in Key West, Florida
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Blog Post - November 14, 2020

We decided to go see the iconic "Southernmost Point" monument in Key West. This "90 Miles to Cuba" buoy is located at the intersection of Whitehead Street and South Street.

It's hard to find parking so we used the paid parking lot off of Duval Street. As we walked to South Street, we saw that there was a line to take your picture. It's a public spot so you don't have to pay to take your picture there, but it is very popular, hence the line.

This concrete buoy says:

"The Conch Republic, 90 Miles to Cuba , Southernmost Point, Continental U.S.A., Key West, FL, Home of the Sunset"

From what I've researched on this, it's technically not the southernmost point, but for all the tourists in Key West it was close enough to the southernmost point to take a pic there.

Here's what the line looked like:

Southernmost Point Monument Line

Everyone in line was really friendly and everyone was volunteering to take the pics for the group in front or in back of you. This was great so we could get our pic taken together.

90 Miles to Cuba Monument

After we took our picture, we saw a statue right next to the monument that embodied the Conch Republic so I had to get picture with it.

The Conch Republic Statue

We decided to walk around Key West and explore. Here are some of the fun pics we took:

Julie with the Key West Butterfly

We walked by the Key West Lighthouse.

Key West Lighthouse

We also saw the Conch Train driving people around on tours.

Key West Conch Train

Overall, we had a great time visiting the Southernmost Point monument and the surrounding area in Key West, Florida.


The Southernmost Point Buoy Monument in Key West, Florida

(Click on the map above to go to a Google Maps larger view.)


The Southernmost Point Buoy Monument is public and free to all visitors.

It was hard to find parking so we parked in the paid parking lot off of Duval Street by the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. This parking lot lets you pay with the "ParkbyApp". We paid for 4 hours of parking, which came to $21. We wanted to walk around key west so the 4 hours was perfect.


These are the things that I recommend you bring:

  • Your camera to take pictures and videos.
  • Money to pay for parking
  • Extra cash for souvenirs if you go shopping in the area
  • A hat and sunscreen

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