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Wailua Falls, Maui - Hawaii

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Blog Post - September 13, 2021

Wailua Falls is located on the east side of Maui on the Road to Hana. (on the south side of Hana)

This waterfall has a small parking lot just past the bridge. After you park, you hike to the other side of the bridge and take the short trail to get to this beautiful waterfall.

It has just rained before we got there and the trail was a little muddy and slippery so we took our time hiking there.

I climbed down some rocks to get to the water and went in. The water was about chest deep and freezing cold. 

This is a beautiful waterfall and is really easy to access because of such a short trail.

This is what the parking area looked like:

Wailua Falls Parking Lot, Maui

As you leave the parking area, you'll walk towards the bridge. This is where you can see Wailua Falls for the first time.

Wailua Falls Bridge, Maui
Wailua Falls, Maui

After crossing the bridge, you will turn left and follow the trail to the waterfall. This trail is really short. Less than a quarter of a mile.

Trailhead - Wailua Falls, Maui

Although the trail is short, there is some climbing involved to get there.

Wailua Falls Trail, Maui
Wailua Falls Trail, Maui
Wailua Falls Trail, Maui

These are the views of the waterfall.

Wailua Falls Waterfall, Maui
Wailua Falls Waterfall, Maui

Overall, we had a great time and would highly recommend visiting this waterfall! We stopped here on our way to Haleakalā National Park. The National Park doesn't open till 9am so this was a good thing to do at 8am and it was on our way.


Wailua Falls, Maui - Hawaii Map:

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