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The Jordan Outside About Us Page:

Jordan and JulieĀ share how they got started with the Jordan Outside Travel Blog.


We are Jordan and Julie from Jordan Outside. It's feels strange for us to be in front of the camera as we are normally behind the camera filming amazing travel destinations.Ā 

We love to travel and when we would get back from our trips, our friends would ask us what our favorite places where and what we would recommend. We found that it was hard to remember all of the details and that's what sparked the idea of creating a travel blog.

That was the beginning of Jordan Outside. We started filming each destination on each trip and then putting together a video, a blog post, pricing information, and what to bring. We first started out with just a GoPro camera and our iPhones. Each year we add something newĀ like my Part 107 drone license and a drone so we can create even betterĀ footage.

We love providing this detailed travel information and our hope is that is inspires you to travel and arms you with the information you need to create an amazing experience for you and your loved ones.

You can check out our travel destinations or our portfolio using the links below.

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Below are a few videos from our travels:

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