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Ancient Mayan Ruins in Tulum, Mexico

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Blog Post - May 5, 2021

We drove to Tulum from Cancun to see the ancient Mayan ruins.

This was about 130 kilometers or 80 miles to get there. It took us about 1 hour and 20 minutes to drive there.

Once we got there, we parked and purchased a package that included a bus ride to the actual ruins, a tour guide, and our tickets to get into the ruins archeological site. 

There were lots of people selling different packages when we got there, but we purchased from the booth in the parking lot where we parked.

You have the option to walk, ride the bus, or rent a bike and ride to the archeological site. It's over a mile away so we chose the bus.

When we arrived, we got in line and went in. They had an extra charge to film inside the archeological site.

This ancient city is surrounded by a stone wall on 3 sides and backs up to some cliffs against the ocean. We entered through an arch in the stone wall. 

Our tour guide was amazing at explaining the history of the ancient civilizations that used to live there.

After our tour was done, he let us explore on our own for as long as we wanted.

Besides the ruins, there were a lot of iguanas all over. The views of the ocean and the beach were amazing too. Usually the beach is open, but the day we went was really windy and the waves were crashing hard so the beach area was closed.

After we were done, we exited on the other side of the ruins and went to catch the bus back.

This was such a fun trip and we would highly recommend exploring the ruins of Tulum.

After we parked, this is the sign we saw that led us to the bus station and places to buy guided tours:

Bus Stop to go to the ruins of Tulum

You have the choice of walking, riding the bus, or renting a bike to get to the Tulum Archeological area where the ruins are located.

Bus Stop to go to the ruins of Tulum

We rode the bus. On our ride we saw a big Tulum sign you can take your picture with, a large bike rental area, and the sidewalk area to walk.

Red Tulum Sign
Bike Rental - Tulum
Walking Trail to Tulum Ruins

We arrived at the entrance. This is where you pay the entrance fee and the video recording fee if you want to record.

Entrance to the Tulum Ruins

As you walk into the ruins, you have to enter through an ancient wall. This ancient city was surrounded by a wall and backs up to the ocean.

Wall Entrance to the Tulum Ruins

We saw all sorts of ruins, but my favorite was the temple that backs up to the ocean!

Ancient Mayan Temple in Tulum
Back side of the Ancient Mayan Temple in Tulum
View of the beach from the ancient ruins in Tulum

By the ancient temple, there were views of the beach, the ocean, and we saw lots of iguanas.

View of the beach from the ancient ruins in Tulum
Ocean view from Tulum Ruins
Ocean view from Tulum Ruins
Iguana at the ruins in Tulum

Overall, we had a great time exploring the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum and would highly recommend it!


The Archeological Zone of the Tulum Mayan Ruins in Mexico - Map:

(Click on the map above to go to a Google Maps larger view.)


Note: Make sure to bring Pesos to pay for all of this. The Entrance to the ruins won't accept US Dollars. Many ATMs will allow you to pull out pesos from your bank account. Make sure the ATM says it will be giving you pesos.

Parking Fee: $120 Mexican Pesos (About $6 US Dollars when we were there)

Bus Fee: $50 Mexican Pesos (About $2.50 US Dollars when we were there)

Entrance Fee: $65 Mexican Pesos (About $3.25 US Dollars when we were there)

Video Recording Fee: $45 Mexican Pesos (About $2.25 US Dollars when we were there)

Tour Guide Fee: $600 Mexican Pesos (About $30 US Dollars when we were there)

The total cost for two people in Mexican Pesos was: $995 Mexican Pesos

The total cost for two people in US Dollars was about: $50 US Dollars


This is a list of what we brought:

  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun protection 
  • Pesos for your parking fee, entrance fee, video recording fee, and your tour guide fee.
  • Pesos for souvenirs
  • Go Pro Hero 9 Black video camera

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