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Ahau Hotel in Tulum, Mexico

Ahau Hotel in Tulum, Mexico

This blog post has information about visiting the Ahau Hotel in Tulum, Mexico.

This hotel is on my bucket list and can't wait to go!

Location: Tulum, Mexico


I was on Instagram and saw the post below by katya_1love. 

I couldn't get over the beauty of it!

I saw that this was created by Daniel Popper for an art festival in Tulum, Mexico called Art With Me.

Then I saw that this piece of art was going to be permanently setup at the Ahau Tulum Hotel and Resort after the art festival was over.

I definitely want to see this in person and when I started exploring the Ahau Tulum Hotel, I knew this was bucket list worthy.

I can't wait to check this off my bucket list!

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The name Ahau comes from the Mayan sun god Kinich Ahau.

I found this great video, which showcases the property and shows how it came about.

The only downside that I can see right now is that they are having a lot more seaweed (sargassum) coming up onto the beaches.

The lagoons are not affected and are still crystal clear. Here's a video about it:

This next video also has ideas of things to do in Tulum.

That's it for this bucket list post. I still want to go and experience Tulum!

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