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Blue Room Cave, Curacao

Blue Room Cave, Curacao

This blog post has information about the Blue Room Cave in Curacao.

This beautiful cave is accessible by water and is an amazing place to go snorkeling.

You have to go by boat or hike a trail to get there.

Here's my research below:

Blue Room Cave Curacao Map:

You can hike from Santa Cruz. There is a trail that goes all the way to the Blue Room Cave. It looks like it is about a mile long.

1. Drive to Playa Santa Cruz, go all the way over to the left of the beach just before the building on the water.
2. Walk towards the building until you see a path going up the side of the hill. This is a 5 minute little hike that will take you to the next beach over, Boka Santa Petru
3. Once at Boka Santa Petru, turn left and follow the trail which looks like a dried out creek bed with jeep/ATV tracks.
4. Follow this path for about 10 minutes. You will eventually come to a T. There will be a sign for the blue room in the local language (it's to the right). Walk a few minutes and you will be on the cliff. Follow the blue dots down the cliff to the right a little bit.
5. You can now jump off the cliff into the water (it's about a 10 foot jump). The entrance to the cave is now visible from the water. There is not much clearance from the water surface to the top of the cave at the entrance so you can just hold your breath and swim under so you don't hit your head. Once inside, there is a very high ceiling. The water in the cave is deep, so keep in mind that once you jump from the cliff, you will be swimming the entire time and will not be able to stand up. You will need to be a strong swimmer or you could get in trouble.
6. To exit the cave, simply swim back under the entrance and swim to the left. You will see a little foot hold on the side of the cliff that you can use to pull yourself out of the water and climb back up the cliff face. There are blue dots on the rocks guiding the way, but it's easy enough to see without them. Technically, you could walk down the cliff and enter the water here so you don't have to jump in, but it's easier and probably safer to just jump in rather than try to descend the cliff and enter where you climb out of the water.

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