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Cas Abao Beach, Curacao

Cas Abao Beach, Curacao

Cas Abao Beach is one of the places I want to visit and checkout when we go on our trip to Curacao.

The turquoise blue water and beautiful beach is a great place to relax and enjoy.

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Cas Abao Beach, Curacao Map:

This beach has a Website:

Cas Abao Beach is a full service beach with secured parking, restrooms, showers and lockers on the premises. It also has a beach bar and restaurant, a massage palapa and a dive shop.

Cas Abao is situated on the northwestern coast of the island. The access road to the beach is unpaved but easily manageable for all cars. There is also plenty of parking available. 

The beach is open daily from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Entrance fees are as follows:
Monday – Saturday:                US$ 6  / Nafl. 10,- per car
Sunday and Holidays:             US$ 7  / Nafl. 12,50 per car

Max 4 people per car. For each additional person, Nafl. 2,50 is charged.

Beach Chair Rental:                US$ 3  / Nafl. 5,- (including a complimentary shower coin)

Guests are welcome to bring their own cooler with food and drinks, but if you don’t want to lug around a jug, that’s not a problem! Cas Abao beach not only has a beach-bar for a quick snack and drink; we are proud to announce that we soon offer lunch at our brand-new restaurant! 

For years, the sea in front of Cas Abao Beach has been home to Sting-, Eagle-, and on very special occasions Manta rays. Dolphins also like to make a special appearance, especially from November through February and even whales have been spotted in the crystal-clear waters! What is also very special is that Cas Abao Beach is the home to different kind of turtles species which come and lay their eggs every year.

For the snorkelers, there are the shallow waters and along the edges of the cliff and for the divers there are three very distinctive dives sites.

On the left, the shoreline drops like a ladder and every level have its own distinctive coral formation. In the middle is the big drop off, a cliff wall full of corals, sponges and colorful fishes that drops about a 100-feet to the bottom of the ocean floor where you find a big sand patch full of garden eels. And then on the far right, the bottom gradually angles downward while showcasing a mix of big coral formations like big bright orange elephant ears or gorgeous tall purple tubes.

Cas Abao Beach, Curacao Videos:

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