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Shete Boka Park, Curacao

Shete Boka Park, Curacao

Shete Boka Park is one of the places I want to visit and checkout when we go on our trip to Curacao. It is on the East side of the island. Here's my research below:

Shete Boka Park, Curacao Map:

If you enjoy getting off the beaten track and into rugged countryside, you will love National Park Shete Boka. The park begins at stunning Boka Tabla, where huge waves thunder into an underground cavern. Steps cut into the rocks lead you directly into the mouth of the cavern; you can sit on the very edge and watch the surf roll in. After you peek inside the cavern you can walk along the limestone bluffs above for a spectacular view of Curacaos rugged north coast.

Hiking Trials

Boka Pistol Trail
which includes a 1 hour walk leading through Boka Brown where sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs, Boka Pistol where huge waves burst into the sky with gunfire like explosions and panoramic overviews from the flat limestone hills.

Boka Wandomi Trail
which is a 1 hour walk along rolling lava hills down to Boka Wandomi and the limestone bluffs to a Natural Bridge. A short walk along the rugged north coast will bring you back to Boka Tabla.

Opening Hours:

The park is open every day of the week from 09.00am – 5.00pm.

Admission Fees

USD $10 per person.
Maps with hiking trails are also available at the entrance for $1.

Shete Boka Park, Curacao Videos:

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