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Chichen Itza, Mexico

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Blog Post - May 3, 2021

We drove out to Chichen Itza in our rental car. It took us about 2.5 hours to drive there from Cancun. We were really excited to explore these Mayan Ruins.

As we pulled up, we parked and saw the outside wall that says Chichen Itza:

Chichen Itza Sign, Mexico

We walked in and paid for our tickets and our filming ticket. We also payed for a certified tour guide. You can see all the prices down lower under the pricing section. The total for everything for 2 adults came to about $98 US Dollars.

Chichen Itza Payment Area, Mexico
Chichen Itza Official Guided Tours Area, Mexico

After going through security, we started our guided tour. The unpaved walkway to the pyramid was lined with vendors selling souvenirs. 

Chichen Itza Street Vendors, Mexico

At the end of the trail we walked out to this amazing view of the pyramid!

Chichen Itza Pyramid, Mexico

They had this sign on the ground with information about the pyramid. "This pyramid, also called the Temple of Kukulcan, is the dominant building in the northern sector of the ancient city. Together with the Platform of Venus and the sacbe (white road) leading to the Sacred Cenote, it forms a compound representative of the religious and political power of the Itza people. At the time of the conquest, centuries after its construction, it had not diminished in importance, as evidence by pilgrimages made by people from all over the peninsula to pay homage to the rain gods and probably to Itza ancestors. The size and symmetry of this pyramid lend it an imposing aspect despite its austere decoration. Inside it, there is an older structure known as the Temple of the Red Jaguar, which faces in the same direction and is perfectly preserved."

Chichen Itza Pyramid, Mexico

Here are some pics of the Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza:

Chichen Itza Pyramid, Mexico
Chichen Itza Pyramid, Mexico
Chichen Itza Pyramid, Mexico
Chichen Itza Ruins, Mexico
Chichen Itza Ruins, Mexico
Chichen Itza Ball Court, Mexico
Chichen Itza Ball Court Carvings, Mexico
Chichen Itza Ruins, Mexico

After we had finished exploring the ruins, we walked a trail to view the Cenote Sagrado. This Cenote was filled with green water.

Chichen Itza Cenote Sagrado, Mexico

Overall, we had a great time. We are glad that we paid for the guided tour as it really added a lot of value to our day at Chichen Itza. We would highly recommend it if you decide to go.


Chichen Itza, Mexico - Map:

(Click on the map above to go to a Google Maps larger view.)


The cost was $453 Pesos per ticket. That is about $23 US Dollars when we went. For two tickets it came to $46.

I also paid $45 pesos to be able to film at Chichen Itza with my GoPro. That is just over $2.

We booked a guided tour, which was $1,000 Mexican Pesos. That is about $50 US Dollars. We didn't book this in advance. We booked it at the entrance.

The total cost in US Dollars for two people came to: $98.00

Chichen Itza Pricing
Chichen Itza Tour Guide Pricing


This is a list of what we brought:

  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun protection 
  • Pesos for your entrance fee, video recording fee, and your tour guide fee.
  • Pesos for souvenirs
  • Go Pro Hero 9 Black video camera

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