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Cockleshell Beach - St. Kitts

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Blog Post - November 9, 2018

We had heard that Cockleshell Beach was an amazing beach so we decided to check it out. Cockleshell Beach is located at the southern tip of St. Kitts. We took a taxi there and on our way we stopped at Timothy Hill Overlook. The views from this overlook are breathtaking! This is the view looking south.

Timothy Hill Overlook
Timothy Hill Overlook

The pic below is a view looking north from Timothy Hill Overlook.

Timothy Hill Overlook looking North

They also had an area to buy some gifts and hold monkeys. We paid $10 for Julie to hold the monkeys and take pictures. Julie loves monkeys and that was the best $10 I’ve ever spent to see how happy she was!

Julie holding a monkey
Julie holding a monkey

Then we finished the taxi ride to Cockleshell Bay. We got dropped off at the parking lot at Reggae Beach Bar and Grill, which has a restaurant area. We then walked to the end of Cockleshell beach were it was more secluded.

Reggae Beach, St. Kitts

They were selling a chair and umbrella rental for $20. We wanted to explore the beach so we passed on getting a chair and umbrella. As we started walking down the beach, we noticed the black and white sand. The contrast was beautiful!

Black and white sand beach
Beach at St. Kitts
Cockleshell Beach
Cockleshell Beach

We didn’t want to be in the crowded area, so we walked all the way to the end of the beach were there were no chairs and laid out our towels for free.

Cockleshell Beach
Cockleshell Beach
Cockleshell Beach

As you look across the water, you can see the island of Nevis.

Island of Nevis

We then went snorkeling. We had to go over by the rocks to find the marine life.

Snorkeling at Cockleshell Beach

We loved the relaxed environment and really enjoyed the beach.

Cockleshell Beach

When we were done at the beach, we met up with our taxi. It was $10 per person to the beach and then another $10 per person back to the cruise ship. We paid $40 total for Julie and I to ride in the Taxi. When we got back, we did some shopping at the port shops.

The sunset leaving St. Kitts was amazing.

Sunset at St. Kitts

Overall, Julie and I both really liked St. Kitts. We would recommend visiting St. Kitts if you get the chance. We didn’t get to go to Nevis, but we will do that on our next trip to St. Kitts.


Cockleshell Beach, St. Kitts:

(Click on the map above to go to a Google Maps larger view.)


We paid $10 for Julie to hold the monkey at Timothy Hill Overlook.

We didn’t rent beach chairs and an umbrella at Reggae Beach, but if you wanted to do that you would need $40 for two adults.

We paid $20 for 2 adults to ride in a taxi to Cockleshell Bay.

We paid $20 for 2 adults to take a taxi from Cockleshell Bay back to our cruise ship.

We didn’t buy any food at the restaurant at Reggae Beach, but you would want at least $40 to get two meals there.


These are the things that I recommend you bring:

  • $40 cash to pay for a taxi ride for two
  • $40 cash if you want to rent a 2 beach chairs and umbrellas.
  • $40 cash or more to get something to eat at the Reggae Beach restaurant.
  • Sunscreen
  • Towels
  • Your own mask and snorkel
  • Go Pro Hero 8 Black video camera
  • Go Pro 3-Way Grip to hold the camera out in front of you.

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