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Grotto Beach, St. Croix

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Blog Post - April 11, 2021

Grotto Beach is located on the north side of St. Croix on the Buccaneer Hotel Property. This beach is open to the public, but you have to go through a guard gate to get there.

When we got to the guard gate at the Buccaneer Hotel, we told the guard that we were going to the beach and he let us through. You'll drive up a steep hill and then see a sign for Grotto Beach. It is tucked behind some condos.

We parked in the guest parking area and walked to the beach. You go down a paved trail and pass a pool. The pool and the lawn chairs are only for hotel guests. Then you get to Grotto Beach. 

As we walked this beach, we could see that there was a reef that blocked easy access to swimming in the water. In the middle of the beach we found an area with an opening in the reef that we were able to swim out. The snorkeling was not that good as it was cloudy water from the waves, but the beach made up for it. The soft sand and plenty of room so we didn't feel crowded.

We enjoyed our time at Grotto Beach and would go again.

This is what the guard gate to the Buccaneer Hotel looks like:

Grotto Beach, St. Croix

This is the view of the sidewalk from the parking lot.

Grotto Beach, St. Croix
Grotto Beach, St. Croix

The pool and the lawnchairs were only for the hotel guests. We were fine with that and kept walking down the beach. We did bring beach towels to lay out.

Grotto Beach, St. Croix
Grotto Beach, St. Croix
Grotto Beach, St. Croix
Grotto Beach, St. Croix

Overall, we had a great time at Grotto Beach and can't wait to go back.


Grotto Beach, St. Croix Map:

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Parking Fee: $0

Entrance Fee: $0

Total cost: $0


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