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Blog Post - April 11, 2021

Rainbow Beach is located on the West side of St. Croix just north of Frederiksted. 

This beach has a restaurant, Rythms, and lot of water activities. You can rent jet skis, paddle boards, kayaks, or jet boats from West End WaterSports. You can also rent a beach chair and umbrella to just relax. A lounge chair is $10 and an umbrella is $10.

They also have a beach volleyball court. The water is crystal clear, but with all of the boats I wouldn't recommend snorkeling at Rainbow Beach. You could walk a little up the beach to Sprat Hall Beach to snorkel.

This is what the entrance to Rainbow Beach looks like:

Rainbow Beach Entrance, St. Croix

West End WaterSports has a lot you can do at Rainbow Beach. This is the price breakdown at the time we went.

Rainbow Beach Watersports Fees, St. Croix

This is the view of the beach volleyball court at Rainbow Beach.

Rainbow Beach Volleyball Court, St. Croix

This is the view of all the boats at Rainbow Beach.

View of all the boats at Rainbow Beach

This is the view from the other side of Rainbow Beach looking toward the restaurant, Rythms.

View of Rainbow Beach toward the restaurant

This is a closer view of the backside of the restaurant.

Closer view of Rainbow Beach Restaurant

This is the front view of the Rythms Restaurant.

Rythms Restaurant

This is the view of the Rainbow Beach Parking Lot.

Rainbow Beach Parking Lot

Overall, Rainbow Beach is a great beach to get a bite to eat, play beach volleyball, rent a jet ski or just hang out and enjoy the beach.


Rainbow Beach, St. Croix Map:

(Click on the map above to go to a Google Maps larger view.)


Entrance Fee: $0

Total cost: $0

If you want to rent from West End WaterSports, here are the prices as of April 11, 2021:

Jet Ski Rentals & Tours:

Rentals: $70 for 30 minutes

Rentals: $120 for 60 minutes

Tours: $120 for 45 minutes

Tours: $200 for 75 minutes

All Day Beach Rentals:

Chairs: $5

Lounge Chairs: $10

Umbrellas: $10

Floats: $10

Snorkel Gear Rentals:

Mask and Snorkel: $12

Mask and Fins: $6 each

Zayak Snorkel Board: $20

Kayak Rentals:

Double: $30 for 1 hour

Single: $20 for 1 hour

Stand-Up Paddle Board Rentals:

$20 for one half hour

$35 for one full hour

$60 for 2 full hours

Jet Boat Rentals:

Half Day: $600

Full Day: $1,200


These are the checklist items I recommend:

  • Bring a plenty of water and some snacks
  • Bring a hat to keep the sun off of your face.
  • Bring sunscreen
  • Bring money to rent a beach chair, to eat at the restaurant, or to do some of the water activities.