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Blog Post - April 11, 2021

Shoys Beach is located on the northside of St. Croix.

As you pull up to the Buccaneer Hotel Property you will see the main gate and then a gate off to the right hand side.

Go to the gate on the right hand side and let the guard at the gate know that you are going to Shoy's Beach. They will let you in for free.

Shoys Beach Guard Gate, St. Croix

Follow the main road around until it dead ends. There you'll find a gravel parking area. It's free to park there too.

Shoys Beach Parking Lot, St. Croix

Directly across from the parking area is the beach access path. Follow this short path through a canopy of trees to reach the Shoys Beach.

Shoys Beach Path, St. Croix

As you walk this short path, you get to walk under a canopy of trees. This was so beautiful.

Shoys Beach Tree Canopy, St. Croix

As you exit the tree canopy you get your first glimpse of the beach.

Shoys Beach Tree Canopy exit, St. Croix

Shoy's Beach has a long beach to walk in the soft sand.

Shoys Beach soft sand, St. Croix
The view from the end of Shoy's Beach

Overall, we would highly recommend Shoy's Beach. It has soft sand and the tree canopy made it all worth it.


Shoy's Beach, St. Croix Map:

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Parking Fee: $0

Entrance Fee: $0

Total cost: $0


These are the checklist items I recommend:

  • Bring a plenty of water and some snacks
  • Bring a hat to keep the sun off of your face.
  • Snorkeling Gear