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Snorkeling in Cancun, Mexico

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Blog Post - May 6, 2021

We wanted to go snorkeling on our trip to Cancun, so we booked it through We booked the 4-in-1 Cancun snorkeling tour: Swim with turtles, reef, statues and shipwreck. We didn't see any turtles on our excursion, but it was still amazing!

We had family members who had already used this company on a previous trip and highly recommended them. The recommendation was worth it!

They picked us up from our hotel and transported us to the dock.

We signed our waivers and stored our belongings in a locker. We got the type of life vest that can be inflated in case of an emergency, but still lets you dive down. We had looked at other excursions, but opted not to go with them because they were using regular life vests that always float. We love to dive down while snorkeling and explore as much as we can.

They provided snorkel gear, but we always bring our own so we didn't need theirs.

They had us do a test swim by the shore to show that we know how to swim. Once everyone was done with the swim test, we got into the boat and headed out.

The closer we got to the reef, the clearer the water became. El Meco coral reef is about 8-12 feet deep. Once we arrived at the reef, we all got into the water and followed our guide. There were huge schools of fish that you could swim through. It was sooo fun!

Then we swam to an underwater sculpture museum. These Cancun snorkeling statues have 2 galleries: "The blessings" and "Aquarium Family". These underwater statues use a material for coral to grow on (made with pH-neutral cement, coral, seaweed, and algae are able to grow). The statues also have holes in them, which allow marine wildlife to colonize and feed off the coral. They were really fun to swim around.

The third area was the turtle area, but unfortunately we didn't see any turtles. It's out in the ocean so there's no guarantee you'll see turtles.

Then we got back into the boat and headed over to the shipwreck. This was so cool to explore in crystal clear water.

We headed back to the marina, got our stuff and a shuttle took us back to our hotel.

This excursion was so fun and I would do it again.

Here are some pics from the snorkeling excursion. This is what the marina looks like as you walk out to the boats:

The Marina for Snorkeling in Cancun

The boat ride to get out to the snorkeling area was amazing with the turquoise blue water.

The boat ride for snorkeling in Cancun

As we got into the water, we saw lots of large schools of fish.

Large school of fish snorkeling in Cancun
Fish in Cancun
Black Fish in Cancun

As we were exploring, our guide led us to these underwater statues of hands.

Snorkeling in Cancun
Hand statue snorkeling in Cancun

Next, our guide took us over to a sunken ship to explore.

Snorkeling up to the shipwreck in Cancun
shipwreck in Cancun
Spiny lobster at the shipwreck in Cancun
Above the shipwreck in Cancun

Overall, this snorkeling excursion was sooo fun! We would highly recommend it if you're visiting Cancun.


Total Snorkel Cancun Map:

(Click on the map above to go to a Google Maps larger view.)


The cost was $65 per adult for the 3.5 hour excursion. 

Their is a dock fee and reef conservation tax (total $10.00 USD per person) that you pay at check-in. 

There is a $ 5 usd deposit for locker key (refunded when returning the key)

We tipped our shuttle driver $3. We tipped our guide and boat driver $5 each.

Total cost of the excursion for Julie and myself was $163.00 including tips.


This is what we recommend to bring:


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