Unboxing my new GoPro Hero 9 Black with the Media Mod Kit, Display Mod, Light Mod, and Max Lens Mod!

I finally upgraded to the GoPro Hero 9 Black and ordered the Media Mod Kit, the Display Mod Kit, the Light Mod Kit, and the Max Lens Mod Kit. Watch as I unbox these to see what they come with. I will test all of these out in future videos.

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I wanted to test the difference between the Hypersmooth Regular and Hypersmooth Boost on the GoPro Hero 9 Black. This video demo shoes the difference between walking and jogging with your GoPro Hero 9 Black.


You can really see a difference when I start to jog. The Hypersmooth Boost makes the footage a lot more smooth. I couldn't tell that much of a difference when walking, but I would definitely want to use it when jogging or running.

Note: I am a not a partner with GoPro. I don't make a commission if you buy a GoPro or any accessories. I'm just showing you what I personally use.