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Xcaret Nature Park, Mexico

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Blog Post - May 4, 2021

We went to the Xcaret Nature Park, which is just south of Cancun in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We spent the day there, but with over 50 natural and cultural attractions we only got to 5 main activities. We got swim and explore underground rivers, hang out at the beach, go snorkeling, do a paradise river boat tour, and watch a live show on the history of Mexico. 

Xcaret is located in the Mayan jungle among underground rivers, cenotes and is on the Caribbean Sea.

The name Xcaret means “small inlet”. It got this name because a portion of the Caribbean Sea enters there. The Mayans used Xcaret as a port.

These are the main activities that we did at Xcaret:

Xcaret Plus Activities

We got our lockers and then headed to the underground rivers. I went barefoot, but I wish I had worn water shoes to protect my feet. This is the entrance to the Blue River:

Entrance to the Blue River at Xcaret
Underground River at Xcaret
Underground River at Xcaret
Xcaret River
Xcaret River with Blue water

As we left the underwater river area and headed toward the beach and lagoon, they had amazing views of the ocean.

View of the ocean at Xcaret
Xcaret Ocean Signs
The ocean versus a rock at Xcaret

For our 2nd activity, we found the beach and lagoon area. This is a great place to relax on the beach or go for a swim.

The Xcaret Beach and Lagoon area
The Xcaret Beach Area

Then we headed to our next activity, which was snorkeling. There is not specific order to do the activities. We just happen to choose this order for our day at Xcaret.

We brought our own snorkel gear, but you can rent it with a $10 deposit. When you return the gear, you get your deposit back.

Snorkeling at Xcaret
Xcaret - Turtle

For our fourth activity, we walked over to the Paradise River boat tour. This is a slow boat ride that has some amazing views.

Paradise River Boat Tour at Xcaret
Xcaret River Boat Tour
Xcaret River Boat Tour view

We were really hungry by then, so we decided to go eat at one of the restaurants. Each restaurant has a buffet. We chose La Peninsula. The food was delicious.

La Peninsula Restaurant at Xcaret
Restaurant at Xcaret

After eating, we went and got all of our stuff out of our lockers and returned the keys. Then we headed for the last activity with is the show "Mexico Expectacular". This show is a history of Mexico from the Mayans and up. It also features the famous dances from different states in Mexico.

As we were walking towards the show, they had people dressed up as Mayan warriors. It was a really cool experience.

When we got to the venue, we watched a 2 hour show. It was amazing. Here are some pics:

Xcaret Mayan Warrior
Mayan Warriors
Xcaret Show Venue
Xcaret Show - Fire Game
Mexican Dance
Xcaret Show Finale

Overall, our day at Xcaret was amazing. We would love to go back as there were still so many fun things to do. We want to do the Snuba Diving with stingrays, the boat rides, and swimming with dolphins. This was such a fun park and we can't wait to go back!


Xcaret Nature Park, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico Map:

(Click on the map above to go to a Google Maps larger view.)


The cost was $139.99 per adult for a day at Xcaret.

The receipt below shows that we paid for both Xcaret and Xplor at the same time.

They gave us a discount for booking two parks at once.

Instead of paying $279.98, we ended up paying $223.98 for two tickets to Xcaret.

Parking and food are included in that price.

Total cost of the excursion including tips: $223.98

Xcaret and Xplor Receipt


This is a list of what is included and what to bring:

Arrive 30 minutes early!

What's included:

Parking, locker, and a buffet with the Xcaret Plus ticket.

What to bring:



Sun protection 


Water shoes

Other things to bring:


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