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Xplor Adventure Park in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

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Blog Post - May 7, 2021

We went to Xplor Adventure Park in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

This all-in-one adventure park was amazing. We were staying in Cancun, but the drive down was worth it. 

This park had ziplines, amphibious vehicles, underground rivers, and included a buffet. 

This was definitely a highlight of our Mexico trip.

As you walk into the park you see this awesome Xplor carved into this stone.

Xplor by Xcaret

As we checked in I requested a helmet with a GoPro Mount already on it. It took them awhile to find one, but it was totally worth it.

GoPro Helmet Mount at Xplor Park

The Explor Park had 6 activities you could do. You can do them in any order, but we chose to do them in this order. 

  • Activity 1: Ziplines
  • Activity 2: Hammock Splash
  • Activity 3: Amphibious Vehicles
  • Activity 4: Stalactite River Swim
  • Activity 5: Underground Expedition
  • Activity 6: River Rafts

Xplor includes a locker to put your stuff in during the day. 

Lockers at Xplor Park

Our first activity was to do the zip lines. We did the Jaguar Zip Lines first and then came back and did the deer zip lines. 

Jaguar Ziplines, Xplor Park

Here are some pictures of the different ziplines:

Jaguar Zip Line 1
Jaguar Zip Line 3
Jaguar Zipline 5 - Xplor Park

As we walked across the suspension bridge, you look up and see this big spiral tower that you have to walk up to reach one of the highest ziplines in the park.

Xplor Park Spiral Tower

This is the view from the top of the spiral tower.

Buck Island Underwater Trail, St. Croix

They even had ziplines that land in the water!

Deer Zipline 3
Hammock Zipline 1
Brain Coral at Buck Island Reef, St. Croix

After we finished the ziplines and the hammock ziplines, we headed to our third activity, which were the amphibious vehicles.

Amphibious Vehicles - Xplor Park
Xplor Amphibious Vehicles

We drove over bridges, through water, and through underground tunnels.

Bridge Crossing
Water Crossing at Xplor

Next we did the underground river swim. At the end of the river is a waterfall that you get to go through.

River Swim at Xplor
River Swim Waterfall at Xplor

Then we did the underground expedition. This expedition starts underground, but takes you outside on an obstacle course and on water slides too.

Underground Expedition at Xplor
Log climb at Xplor
Waterslide at Xplor
Waterslide 2 at Xplor

The last activity was going on the underground river rafts. They outfitted us with special hand paddles. This was a good shoulder and arm workout.

River Raft at Xplor
River Raft 2 at Xplor

After doing all 6 activities we were really hungry. As part of our admission it includes a buffet. We went and had a delicious meal.

Buffet at Xplor

This day at Xplore Park was amazing and definitely a highlight of our Mexico trip.


Xplor Adventure Park, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico Map:

(Click on the map above to go to a Google Maps larger view.)


The cost was $129.99 per adult for a day at Xplor.

The receipt below shows that we paid for both Xplor and Xcaret at the same time.

They gave us a discount for booking two parks at once.

Instead of paying $259.98, we ended up paying $207.98 for two tickets to Xplor.

Parking and food are included in that price.

Total cost of the excursion including tips: $207.98

Xcaret and Xplor Receipt


This is a list of what is included and what to bring:

Arrive 30 minutes early!

What's included:

Parking, food, and drinks

Locker for your belongings

What to bring:



Sun protection 


Other things to bring:


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