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Cenote Cristalino, Mexico

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Blog Post - May 5, 2021

On a hot day in Mexico, the Cenote Cristalino was a great place to cool off. We had spent the morning in Tulum exploring the Ancient Mayan Ruins and wanted to do something in the water.

About halfway between Tulum and Playa Del Carmen is the Cenote Cristalino.

The parking area is right off of the highway and they have a big sign in front that looks like this: 

Ticket Area for the Cenote Ik Kil, Mexico

We paid our entrance fee of $200 Mexican Pesos per person, grabbed our life jackets (not mandatory to wear) and headed down the trail to the cenote.

Pricing for the Cenote Cristalino
Life Jackets at Cenote Cristalino
Trail to the Cenote Cristalino

As you walk out from the trail, this is the first view of the Cenote Cristalino.

Cenote Cristalino first view

This is the view of the jumping platform and the rest of the cenote.

The view of Cenote Cristalino from the jumping platform

This is the view looking down from the jumping platform:

The view of Cenote Cristalino from the jumping platform

The Cenote also has a swing you can hang out on. Here's Julie taking a break from snorkeling to spend some time on the swing.

The swing at Cenote Cristalino

The water was really clear for snorkeling and diving down to the bottom of the cenote.

Snorkeling and diving at Cenote Cristalino

We spent the rest of our time snorkeling and jumping off the platform. We loved our time at Cenote Cristalino and would highly recommend it!


Cenote Cristalino, Mexico - Map:

(Click on the map above to go to a Google Maps larger view.)


The cost was $200 Mexican Pesos per ticket. That is about $10 US Dollars when we went. For two tickets it came to $20 US Dollars. This included a life jacket.

The total cost in US Dollars for two people came to: $20.00

Cenote Cristalino Pricing


This is a list of what we brought:


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